Bonus Family Gets Surprise Fourth Season

Earlier this year, SVT announced that it had no plans to order further episodes of Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljen). However, in a surprise move they have now revealed that it will return for an eight-part fourth season.

Bonus Family, created by Felix Herngren (The 100 Year-Old Man) along with his wife Clara and and his sister Moa, revolves around two families and the complications that arise in their attempt to form a new family dynamic following divorce, such as raising each others’ kids and coping with exes.

SVT Head Of Drama, Anna Croneman, told Expressen: “The enormous impact of Bonus Family and the great love the audience has for the series was obviously crucial in our decision to order a fourth season. The writers have created nice and amusing characters that many can relate to and so the series reaches out to entire families… I am really pleased that we can offer viewers a fourth season.”

Dates have yet to be set for the filming of season four or when it will air, but Expressen notes that 2021 is rumoured for its premiere on SVT. The first three seasons are currently available to view on Netflix.