Bonus Family Teases Spoilers For Season Three

As Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljen) prepares to begin filming in April, spoilers have emerged as to what viewers can expect from season three when it airs on SVT in January 2019.

Bonus Family was created by Felix Herngren (Solsidan) along with his wife Clara and and sister Moa, and revolves around two families and the complications that arise in their attempt to form a new family dynamic following divorce.

Clara and Moa Herngren told Expressen: “As the series begins, Martin is soon to be a daddy and has formed his own bonus family, and even Katja falls in love again… (Meanwhile) Ingmar brings Lisa and Patrik some news that has some serious consequences”

“A lot of season three revolves around what happens when Martin and Katja make their own bonus families, and how it affects Lisa and Patrik’s lives along with their mutual relationships. Another theme is how long childhood lasts and the consequences of choices we make in life.”

The format rights to Bonus Family have been sold to the United States, France and Germany. Netflix has bought second window rights to the first two seasons of the Swedish version so is presented as a Netflix Original outside of Scandinavia.