Bordertown Brings Nordic Noir To YLE This Autumn

Federation Entertainment and Fisher King Production, who last partnered on Finnish hospital drama Ihon Alla (Replacements), are to produce Bordertown for YLE, a crime drama directed by Miikko Oikkonen, Jyri Kähönen and Juuso Syrjä.

Fisher King Production’s co-founder Matti Halone said to “It’s a combination of family drama with Nordic noir. The main character Kari Sorjonen [Ville Virtanen] is one of the most respected officers in Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation. His wife [Matleena Kuusniemi] is slowly recovering from brain cancer.”

“They want to downscale their lifestyle and to move to a small town near the border with Russia where she was born. The couple have a teenage daughter. Kari joins the local police forces and starts to investigate murders committed on both sides of the border.”

“There are 11 episodes with five crime stories linked to the different stages that the family has to go through to find peace. We chose to show the border town as an idyllic, lovely little town as a metaphor for the warm family story, contrasting with the very dark crime element.”

Pascal Breton, CEO at Federation Entertainment said: “Bordertown is a haunting, suspense-filled drama that will take viewers to the edge of their seats. With the crime genre high in demand worldwide, we know that Bordertown has all the key elements to capture a global audience.”

Bordertown will premiere this autumn on YLE and a second season is already in discussion.