Borg & McEnroe: Different Values But Both Heroes

Borg vs McEnroe will tell the story of tennis star Björn Borg (Sverrir Gudnason) and his rivalry with John McEnroe (Shia LaBeouf). In an interview with SydSvenskan, screenwriter Ronnie Sandahl talks about the project:

“The remarkable thing about their rivalry is that they both slowly realised that they were the only ones who understood each other, that they were each other’s best and worst enemy.”

“It’s about two value systems, the American and Swedish, rearing two different heroes – and our need for different kinds of heroes. And tennis is a sport that lends itself extremely well to a trait drama.”

“It is an incredibly lucky coincidence that Sverrir is so similar (to Borg). And that Shia LaBeouf is prepared to play the role of McEnroe for a pittance. He had really intended to take a break from acting, but he identifies strongly with the character.”

LaBeouf told SVT: “I understand him because I am him, we are the same person. I also understand where the anger comes from and what motivates it, why it exists and how it has been distorted to look like madness.”

Filming for Borg vs McEnroe is set to begin this autumn across Sweden, London, Monaco, Prague and New York, with a planned released in autumn 2017.