Borgen – Season 2


1. 89,000 Children
Birgitte Nyborg has now been prime minister for almost two years – a respected politician, wise in the ways of the political gambit. She is visiting soldiers stationed in Afghanistan when their encampment comes under attack, claiming the lives of several soldiers. The time has come to choose – send the troops home or stage a counter attack. Katrine Fonsmark, now a reporter at Ekspres, approaches the father of one of the fallen soldiers in order to write a story. Kasper Juul divides his time between his job as the PM’s spin doctor and his new girlfriend who is a journalist.

2. In Brussels, No-One Can Hear You Scream
Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg is about to appoint a new EU commissioner and her old mentor, Bent Sejro, is an obvious candidate. Nyborg’s spin doctor, Kasper, prepares to move into a new designer apartment with his new girlfriend, Lotte. But is he really over Katrine? Katrine and Hanne Holm have become good colleagues at the newspaper, united in their daily battles with their boss about their journalistic principles.

3. The Last Worker
Birgitte’s government prepares to present a new welfare reform package called A Common Future, which is being polished at a political seminar. But there is unrest in the Labour Party when their leader Bjorn Marrot comes under personal attack in the media. Birgitte senses a rebellion brewing. Meanwhile, the pressure grows on the home front when Phillip announces he has a new girlfriend. Katrine covers the political seminar for Express, whose editor, Laugesen, has his own agenda.

4. Battle Ready
When pirates hijack a Danish ship off the coast of Somalia, Birgitte’s coalition partner Hoxenhaven diverts attention from her when she so badly needs a success story. When compromising photos of Hoxenhaven turn up at the Express, the newspaper’s editor Laugesen wants to use them against Hoxenhaven, but Katrine is sceptical. Brigitte’s private life hangs in tatters and she makes a mistake that threatens her career.

5. Plant A Tree
Birgitte Nyborg’s government is about to negotiate the environmental element of the new reform package called A Common Future. Birgitte wants a multi-party agreement, but must face the reality of parties who cannot and will not compromise. Kasper convinces her that underhand tactics can help win her a majority for the reform, but this has grave consequences for the party. Katrine receives an unusual job offer which puts her personal beliefs to the test. At home, Birgitte’s children are clearly affected by their mother’s work-related stress; Laura in particular struggles with her absence.

6. Them And Us
Internal strife among the coalition partners continues as the right wing submits a bill that will lower the age of criminal responsibility from 14 to 12 years. Several Labour Party members support the proposal, leaving Birgitte in the minority in parliament. Kasper takes personal offence to the proposed bill, and when an incident happens to right wing leader Svend Age Madsenn, the proposal receives public suport and the pressure grows on Birgitte. At home, Birgitte struggles to deal with her daughter’s illness, and in particular the treatment which is being recommended for her.

7. What Is Lost Inwardly Must Be Won Outwardly – Part 1
Birgitte’s government has run out of steam – the internal differences are growing and only compromise legislation is being passed, which does not really satisfy anyone. Opinion polls indicate that Birgitte is likely to lose the next election. She really needs a popular cause and is therefore very tempted when the businessman Joachim Crohne draws her attention to the central African country of Kharun, on the brink of civil war. Crohne suggests that Birgitte should attempt to broker peace in the conflict, thereby gaining popularity for herself and also helping to restore Denmark’s tarnished reputation after the cartoon crisis.

8. What Is Lost Inwardly Must Be Won Outwardly – Part 2
The eyes of the world are on Copenhagen and chief negotiator Birgitte Nyborg Christensen as the time draws near for peace talks between North and South Kharun to stop the bloody civil war. Everyone is working around the clock.

9. The Sanctity Of Private Life
Birgitte’s private life is strained as she is forced to make tough healthcare decisions for the government and for her daughter. Katrine and Kasper’s relationship causes problems for them at work.

10. An Extraordinary Remark
While Birgitte has spent time looking after her family, her deputy Hans-Christian Thorsen has positioned himself as her successor. Kasper is not only concerned about this, but also about his relationship with Katrine. While Katrine has to balance her relationship with Kasper with her career prospects, Birgitte has to make tough decisions about her family, her job and the country.