Borgen – Season 4


Birgitte Nyborg is the newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, when oil is suddenly found in Greenland. But Nyborg has gone to the polls on a green agenda, and for her there is no doubt that the oil project must be shut down as soon as possible. But voices in Greenland, led by Greenlandic Minister Hans Eliassen, are of a completely different opinion and so is Nyborg’s boss, Prime Minister Signe Kragh.

Birgitte Nyborg receives crucial information about the Russian owners of the company that is drilling for oil in Greenland. Asger Holm Kirkegaard, who is now in Greenland, tries to help his minister while trying to keep Hans Eliassen in check. Nyborg is called to the Foreign Policy Board and, to help a close ally, she decides on a daring tactic which turns out to have greater consequences than she could have ever imagined.

Birgitte Nyborg is under the threat of a vote of no confidence and, when one of the Folketing’s North Atlantic mandates expires, the government’s majority begins to crumble. Nyborg now has two options: either resign and stand by her ideals or change government policy and begin to advocate the exploitation of oil. Moreover, she discovers that her son Magnus has suddenly become an additional political burden for her.

In the negotiations with Greenland regarding the distribution of oil revenues, Asger Holm Kirkegaard must face Birgitte Nyborg, but the negotiation meeting is far from going as planned. Katrine Fønsmark has found decisive evidence that Nyborg lied to the Foreign Policy Board, and tries with all her might to hold Nyborg responsible for her breach of the Ministerial Accountability Act but leads to internal conflict at TV1.

The Chinese delegation makes plans for oil extraction directly with the Greenlanders. Birgitte Nyborg’s change of attitude has left her without many political friends, and she is called to a meeting with the US Secretary of State who demands that Nyborg intervene against China’s actions in Greenland. Rumours about Katrine Fønsmark’s leadership style are starting to swirl in the media, and she makes a drastic decision to stop it.

The government celebrates its first 100 days in power, but unrest among the New Democrats increases. The Sirius Patrol is sent off to investigate a crashed drone and face unknown soldiers. Asger Holm Kirkegaard and Emmy Rasmussen follow the events closely from the Arctic Command’s headquarters, and the fateful hours bring them together once again. But this time they are discovered.

Unrest in the New Democrats continues to increase, but Birgitte Nyborg stubbornly supports the government’s policy of advocating the exploitation of Greenland oil. Her collaboration with Michael Laugesen becomes even closer, and together they lay out tactics for how Nyborg cant get the party to fall into line. But Nyborg is not the only one in the New Democrats who is playing tactically.

The decisive battle Birgitte Nyborg faces the biggest political challenge in her career, as she fights for chair of the New Democrats. Meanwhile, Signe Kragh sends her to Greenland to sign the agreement on oil extraction. But the trip to Greenland will have a greater impact on Nyborg than anyone could have foreseen. Elsewhere, it seems as if Katrine Fønsmark’s world is falling apart.