Børning 2 To Hit The Roads In 2016

Børning wasn’t just last year’s most watched Norwegian movie with over 400,000 tickets sold, it also received critical acclaim as winner of both the jury prize for Best Film and also the People’s Award at this year’s Amanda Awards.

Now it has been confirmed that a sequel to Børning will begin filming in February 2016 and is scheduled for release in Norwegian cinemas as early as next autumn.

The action, according to director Hallvard Bræin, will take place on Norway’s winter roads: “We will create the world’s first car movie in winter conditions. That in itself is an awesome challenge. It is icy roads and Speke mountain passes. It will be fun.”

Børning (Burnout) tells the story of Roy (Anders Baasmo Christiansen), a 30-something petrolhead whose only interests are running Stallion Parts, and repairing his beloved Ford Mustang “Lillegul” which he races in his spare time.

One day Roy’s daughter Nina (Ida Husøy) turns up to spend the holidays with him. He does not remember any such arrangement and in his calendar there is only a street race listed for that day. After the awards ceremony Roy is challenged to an illegal race which takes him all the way across Norway.

Børning had its theatrical release in August 2014. The script was by Linn-Jeaneth Kyed based on a story by Christopher Grøndahl, which in turn was. based on an idea by the director Hallvard Bræin.