Box 21 – Season 1

Lidia, a young waitress from Romania, is lured to Sweden by her boyfriend and trafficked into forced prostitution, but she is harder to break than expected. Meanwhile, police officers Ewert and Anni Grens are expecting their first child, but their happiness is dramatically cut short.

Following a brutal assault, Lidia meets young police officer Mariana Hermansson at the hospital. Mariana wants to catch those responsible, but Lidia wants to take matters into her own hands. Ewert receives devastating news about Anni’s medical condition, while Jochum is released from prison.

Hostage negotiator Tobias Nordwall is called in to solve the hostage situation at the hospital, but the situation takes an unexpected turn when Lidia demands that he should take the place of a hostage. Jochum attempts to reunite with his ex-girlfriend Alexandra.

In the aftermath of the explosion at the morgue, police officers Ewert, Mariana and Sven search for answers and their investigation leads them on an adrenaline-fuelled hunt through Stockholm. Jochum is stuck between two worlds: his criminal past and his longing for a normal life.

Ewert and Alina travel to Romania to find out the truth about Stockholm’s human trafficking ring and to clear Tobias. Lucian tries to remove evidence and Jochum faces a crucial decision.

Jochum decides that he will do one last job before staring life as a law-abiding citizen, but the gangster he works for has other plans. Ewert is back and ready to share what he has found out, but will he tell the whole truth?