Boy Machine – Season 1


15 years ago, Boy Machine was the biggest boy band in the World but split when frontman Mange wanted to pursue a solo career. When Mange is fired from his job he decides to reunite the band. He seeks out the old band members but encounters more resistance than he expected.

After Mange’s visit Peder begins to feel that something is missing in his upper middle-class life, and he decides to join the band reunion. The gang look up their old manager Bim but their assistant Pippi takes the job on instead.

Torkel and Mange try to write a new song but their old conflicts resurface. Pippi suggests that they hire an outside songwriter which offends Torkel and he threatens to leave the band. But Pippi manages to get him to rethink. Jens has problems with his wig which falls off when he dances.

Pippi has arranged a gig for the band on a Finnish ferry. Mange is enthusiastic about the opportunity to meet with groupies but he overestimates his sexual attractiveness. Torkel tries to approach Pippi but manages to unintentionally insult her thanks to dating advice from Mange.

Peder’s existential awakening continues. He breaks his diet and starts writing pretentious songs about life. Pippi is anxious about what happened with Mange. The gang shoot a music video that goes up in smoke. When they feel like they have hit rock bottom they get a call that changes everything.

Christer Björkman has a song that he wants the gang to perform at Eurovision. Torkel refuses because the band are writing their own songs. Meanwhile, Jens receives some bad news, Hansi has died. Also, Peder’s marriage is falling apart.

Boy Machine is in place for Melodifestivalen first race. Stargaze dominates the headlines, and few believe that the band’s disadvantage because they had too little time in the media. He suggests that Jens will lie to the papers to get headlines. Love begins to blossom between Torkel and Pippi.

It’s the final of the Eurovision Song Contest and Torkel is missing. The guys head out in search of Torkel. It all ends with a showdown between Mange and Torkel and old conflicts resurface.