C More Announces Plans For Moscow Noir Trilogy

C More has announced plans for a new eight part thriller based on the first of Camilla Grebe and Paul Leander-Engström’s Moscow Noir trilogy, Dirigenten från Sankt Petersburg (The Director From St. Petersburg).

The series is inspired by Engström’s own experiences of Russia’s financial market in the 1990s and follows Swedish financier Tom Blixen as he is drawn into a brutal financial power struggle in Moscow as capitalism takes hold after the fall of Communism. The trilogy of books are:

Dirigenten från Sankt Petersburg (The Director From St. Petersburg)
Set in Moscow during 2003, and the place smells of low octane gasoline, sweat and construction dust. Swedish financier Tom Blixen goes to work for a leading investment bank and thinks he can handle the corruption and brutal power struggles. But soon he is drawn into a spiral of violence and turns to Prosecutor Sergei Skurov for help. Their research leads them into the innermost circles in the Kremlin.

Handlaren från Omsk (The Merchant From Omsk)
Prosecutor Sergei Skurov is called in to investigate when the Swedish ambassador’s son, Oscar Rieder, dies at the Swedish Embassy in Moscow with a severely injured prostitute beside him. Tom Blixen takes Rieder’s position at Maratech and finds that the company is involved in the illegal arms trade, so joins forces with Skurov to investigate. They soon find that the case has ramifications at the highest political level in Sweden.

Den sovande spionen (The Sleeper Spy)
Tom Blixen returns to Sweden after many years in Russia. He starts work at power company Swekraft where the CEO dies from polonium poisoning and after a meeting with a Russian official. But this is more than just an assassination. Tom Blixen and former security officer Sonny Hellkvist begin hunting the perpetrator to avert an international conflict between Sweden and Russia, and stop a potential nuclear disaster.