C More Blinded By Carolina Neurath Financial Thriller

CMore and TV4 have joined FLX (Quicksand) to develop an eight-part adaptation of Carolina Neurath’s book Blinded (Fartblinda), inspired by her experience as a financial journalist during the collapse of HQ Bank in 2010.

Blinded tells the story of financial journalist Beatrice Farkas who has been investigating some of the country’s most powerful financiers. One night she receives a text message to say that one of her best sources has fallen from a balcony to their death. Kvällspressen reports it as a suicide, but she is not convinced.

CEO of FLX, Pontus Edgren, said: “In Blinded we are leaving the mainstream Nordic Noir and tell the story about a young female business journalist who exposes a trio of bank executives… On an over-arching level it explores the tension between idealism and egoism, both from the banking execs as well as the journalist’s perspective.”

Jesper Harrie (Bonus Family) leads the writing team for Blinded, which includes Maria Karlsson (Easy Money) and Jonas Bonnier (The Helicopter Heist). Filming is slated to begin in 2018,