C More Investigates Sinking Of MS Estonia

C More has announced Estonia, a drama about the sinking of the MS Estonia which is said to be the second deadliest naval disaster in peacetime after the Titanic. The series will follow the efforts of investigators to find a comprehensive explanation for the accident and why it eluded them.

On the night of 28th September 1994, the MS Estonia sank in a storm on the Baltic Sea. Unbeknownst to the officers on deck, the ship’s bow visor was torn off and the car deck began to fill with water. During the thirty-five minutes that it took for the ship to sink, there was a fierce battle for survival and, of the 989 passengers on board, 852 lost their lives.

Estonia is a character-driven event drama about the sinking of MS Estonia and the investigation that followed told from the perspective of several different characters, such as those involved in the rescue attempt, the ship’s crew and passengers, and finally the commission of the inquiry’s final report and how it impacted the victims’ friends and families.

The series asks whether it is even possible to find an exhaustive explanation for a catastrophe of this magnitude, or does everyone have to find their own truth to move past this terrible trauma? But what happens if a satisfactory explanation cannot be found?

Executive producer, Matti Halonen, said: “The sinking of the Estonia was a tragic event that affected many… Almost 30 years have passed since the accident and through drama we can offer new perspectives on what happened. The work of the Committee of Inquiry was very difficult and very politicized and the final report, which was released three years after the accident, was very much questioned.”

Director, Måns Månsson, added: “I am very humble and proud to be part of the upcoming series Estonia. We really have an exciting and captivating script about the investigation of, and the causes behind, the accident. I look forward to working closely with the Finnish, Estonian and Swedish teams on a tragedy that still deeply affects our countries.”

Estonia begins filming this Spring and is slated to premiere Autumn 2022 on C More.