Call My Agent | Dix Pour Cent – Season 1


Cécile de France is expecting a role in a big Hollywood production. When Gabriel, her agent, learns that she has been passed over because of her age, he dare not tell her the news… It’s Camille, a young assistant newly arrived in Paris, who makes the blunder of revealing the truth to Cecile. Feeling betrayed by her agent, Cécile leaves the agency, but Mathias manages to get her back and steals her from Gabriel in the process. But just how far is Cécile prepared to go to land this role?

Shaken by the death of her agent Samuel Kerr, Françoise Fabian decides to withdraw from a movie project just days before filming begins. On behalf of the director, Andrea tries everything to convince her to change her mind, but doesn’t realise that Gabriel has already offered the role to Françoise’ rival Line Renaud, and she has agreed to do it.

Nathalie Baye and her daughter Laura Smet are both being considered by a famous Swedish director to star in her next film. But they can’t bear the thought of spending several months filming together, 24 hours a day, on an island deep in the fjords. How can they bail out without jeopardising their relationship?

Audrey Fleurot, a mother of two young children, has trouble leaving her children to resume her acting career. But she has received a final demand for two years of outstanding taxes, so she reluctantly agrees to take the role of a militant pole dancing ecologist that Mathias has found for her.

Julie Gayet and JoeyStarr are in a period film together but, while their characters (a duchess and her servant) are supposed to be having a passionate affair, they hate each other and it shows. As things unravel on set, their agents Gabriel and Andrea are called in to save the project from disaster.

François Berléand has signed up to play Dom Juan in a play, but he flatly refuses to comply with the trendy young director when told to jump into a pool on stage. He says that it is vulgar and unworthy of Moliere’s text, but as the play seems certain to be cancelled, Andrea discovers the real reason for his refusal.