Call My Agent | Dix Pour Cent – Season 2


After Virginia Efira is caught by paparazzi in the arms of an old friend, Ramzy doesn’t want to see her anymore and promotion for their romantic comedy is seriously compromised. Mathias, himself in the midst of a conjugal breakdown, finds himself torn between his two clients.

The tension is hotting up between ASK and their competitior, Starmedia. Hicham Janowski has only just arrived to take up his post as the new boss at ASK and demands that Andréa should steal their rival’s biggest star, Fabrice Luchini.

Encouraged by Gabriel, Norman is determined to change his image by starring in a dark and demanding auteur film. But for the role he needs to pass his driving test, and what at first seems like a mere formality soon unravels as his deepest fears are revealed.

Isabelle Adjani dreams of meeting exciting young director Sacha Hartman as she passes through Paris. But Sacha is adamant that he doesn’t want to see her, and it seems that a blunder by Mathias some years ago might be at the root of his anger.

Gabriel is in a panic because his client, Guy Marchand, had a memory lapse on the first day of shooting his new film. His involvement with the production is brought into question because their insurance might not cover him. Arlette, who once had a great love affair with Guy, will have to intervene.

Juliette Binoche is chosen to present the opening ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival, and arrives on the Croisette accompanied by her agent Andréa. But, fiery and clumsy, the actress won’t follow the protocol expected of the occasion, and nothing turns out as planned.