Camilla Läckberg Creates Soapy Crime Drama

Sweden’s most successful author, Camilla Läckberg (Fjällbacka Murders), has turned her attention to creating Lyckoviken for Viaplay, a modern soap in the vein of Desperate Housewives with a serial killer on the loose.

Set in the small community of Hammarvik, the series follows police officer Johanna who returns to her home town for her mother’s funeral, whereupon she is confronted by old memories, conflicts and relationships.

Moreover, the neighborhood of Lyckoviken is a microcosm of Sweden with six families living side by side, from the working class to the well off, from the prosperous to the unlucky, and hanging over them all is an unsolved puzzle.

Camilla Läckberg said: “This is a dream come true. I and many of my generation get rather nostalgic about soaps and that’s why I decided to create a modern soap, and from that came Lyckoviken.”

“It is an emotional drama that rests on a murder mystery. A mystery that unites and influences all the characters in the series in one way or another… It is inspired by Big Little Lies, Desperate Housewives and Svenska hjärtan.”

Lyckoviken, which is set to comprise sixteen episodes across two seasons, begins filming in Trollhättan next spring and is expected to premiere on Viaplay across the Nordic region towards the end of 2020.