Cannes Winner Rams Set For Australian Remake

According to Variety, WestEnd Films has signed a co-production deal with Australia’s WBMC for an English-language remake of hit Icelandic movie Rams (Hrútar), which won the Un Certian Regard Prize at Cannes in 2015.

In Rams, brothers Gummi and Kiddi live side by side tending to their sheep, not having spoken to each other in four decades. But when Kiddi’s sheep are struck by a lethal disease, the entire valley comes under threat as the authorities decide to cull all the animals in the area.

But Gummi and Kiddi refuse to give up, and each brother tries to stave off the disaster in his own way: Kiddi by using his rifle and Gummi by using his wits. As the authorities close in, the brothers are forced to unite to save their ancient breed of sheep, and themselves, from extinction.

The remake of Rams will be written by Jules Duncan and filmed in Western Australia.