Case – Season 1


When the body of Lara, a promising young ballerina, is found hanged on the main stage of the National Theatre in Reykjavik, detective Gabriela and her partner Hogni are assigned to the case. Gabriela is suspicious of Julius, a staff member at the local youth centre.

Gabriela questions Lara’s former boyfriend Sigmundur, her ballet teacher and school friends. Disgraced lawyer Logi breaks into Gudny and Jonas’s home and makes a confession to ex-colleague Brynhildur.

Brynhildur’s law firm partners are dismayed when she announces she has enlisted Logi to help with Lara’s case, but Logi makes progress when he gains access to the security cameras at the youth centre.

Logi gives Julius’s hard drive to Brynhildur and turns his attention to Jonas, who denies involvement in Lara’s death. There’s growing unrest at the ballet school and a friend of Lara’s is assaulted.

Gabriela looks for Lara’s sister Hanna, but Logi is one step ahead of her. One of Lara’s friends plucks up the courage to speak to Brynhildur and reveals the ballet company is hiding dark secrets.

Before Gabriela can act on information about ballet teacher Benedetto, she is demoted for secretly working on Lara’s case. Benedikt fires Logi when he refuses to leave the investigation to the police.

Gabriela arrests Logi on suspicion of murder but when Brynhildur sees the incriminating video of Logi with Hanna, she refuses to act as his lawyer and he is forced to ask Benedikt for help instead.

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Jonas reveals he knows why Lara was attacked: because he had been posing as a psychiatrist to investigate a series of sexual assaults against young girls and had ignored anonymous threats to stop.

Logi identifies the suspect to Gabriela, but the police have a hard time believing it. As the video proving the murderer’s identity is finally located, can Gabriela catch up with the culprit in time?