Casper Christensen Sci-Fi Comedy Robots To Star Jack Whitehall

Deadline reports that Emma Roberts and Jack Whitehall are to star in sci-fi comedy Robots, a movie adaptation by Casper Christensen (Klovn) and Anthony Hines (Borat) of a short story by Robert Sheckley.

Charles and Elaine, who trick people into relationships with illegal robot doppelgangers, unwittingly use the scam on each other. But their robot doubles fall in love and elope, forcing Charles and Elaine to team up to hunt them down before the authorities discover their secret.

Producer, Stephen Hamel, told Deadine: “This project combines two of the genres I enjoy most: sci-fi and comedy. It’s outrageously hysterical while providing unexpectedly sweet affirmations of our need for love and connection with each other. If two robots can fall in love, why can’t we!?”

Robots will be directed by Anthony Hines.