The World of Jim Henson


Himself / Kermit the Frog (archive footage) - Jim Henson
Himself - Frank Oz
Herself - Jane Henson
Himself - Jerry Juhl
Himself - Ted Koppel
Himself - Jon Stone
Himself - Francis Ford Coppola
Himself (archive footage) - Lew Grade
Himself - Maurice Sendak
Himself - Harry Belafonte
Himself - Brian Henson
Muppet Performer (archive footage) - Pam Arciero
Herself (archive footage) - Candice Bergen
Mr. Winesop's Secretary (archive footage) - Frances Bergen
Jareth (archive footage) - David Bowie
Himself (archive footage) - Ray Charles
Sarah (archive footage) - Jennifer Connelly
Himself (archive footage) - Jimmy Dean
Himself (archive footage) - Danny DeVito
Jenny (archive footage) - Juliana Donald
Doc Hopper (archive footage) - Charles Durning
Tramp (archive footage) - Peter Falk
Nicky Holiday (archive footage) - Charles Grodin
Herself (archive footage) - Goldie Hawn
Man in Winesop's Office (archive footage) - Michael Hirsch
The Storyteller (archive footage) - John Hurt
Herself (archive footage) - Madeline Kahn
Leanord Winesop (archive footage) - John Landis
Himself (archive footage) - Steve Martin
Himself (archive footage) - Roger Moore
Girl in Park (archive footage) - Christine Nelson
Himself (archive footage) - Willie Nelson
Max (archive footage) - Austin Pendleton
Herself (archive footage) - Rhea Perlman
Ronny (archive footage) - Lonny Price
Lady Holiday (archive footage) - Diana Rigg
Himself (archive footage) - Martin P. Robinson
Himself (archive footage) - David Rudman
Himself (archive footage) - Paul Simon
Himself (archive footage) - Caroll Spinney
Herself (archive footage) - Alice Tweedy
Frog Killer (archive footage) - Scott Walker
Himself (archive footage) - Mike Wallace
Himself (archive footage) - Louis Zorich
Herself (archive footage) - Fran Brill
Himself (archive footage) - Johnny Carson
Himself (archive footage) - Kevin Clash
Jen (voice) (archive footage) - Stephen Garlick
Himself (archive footage) - Dave Goelz
Herself (archive footage) - Louise Gold
Himself (archive footage) - Richard Hunt
Himself (archive footage) - Brian Muehl
Herself (archive footage) - Kathryn Mullen
Himself (archive footage) - Jerry Nelson
Himself (archive footage) - Rudolf Nureyev
Herself (archive footage) - Eren Ozker
Herself (archive footage) - Karen Prell
Himself (archive footage) - Steve Whitmire
Himself (archive footage) - Robin Williams

Sound - Frank Brown Jr.
Producer's Assistant - Tal Ben-David
Producer's Assistant - Rachel Cohen
Lighting Director - Alan Adelman
Editor - Girish Bhargava
Sound Post Production Coordinator - Ken Hahn
Clearances Consultant - James Arntz
Writer - Sara Lukinson
Co-Producer - Sara Lukinson
Executive Producer - Jac Venza
Production Manager - Mitch Owgang
Director - Judy Kinberg
Producer - Judy Kinberg
Special Effects - Laura Young
Camera Operator - Dan Anderson
Sound - Tony Pipitone
Visual Effects - Richard L. Cohen
Camera Operator - Bob Long
Production Coordinator - Juliette Woodcock
Sound - Pat Glass
Sound - Alfred Tetzner
Special Effects - Patricia Bellucci
Special Effects - Paul Srp
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Camera Operator - Bruce Kissal
Camera Operator - Dorothy McGrath
Camera Operator - Greg Overton
Camera Operator - George Sozio
Online Editor - Bill Stephan
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Business Affairs Coordinator - Alice Kossoff
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