Casting Call Reveals Plot Details For New Beck Film

It was recently reported that four new Beck films are to be made, which will premiere on C More in 2018. Now production has begun, plot details have emerged regarding one of them.

Statist has posted a casting call for Beck, seeking extras who are “colourful and festive”. The advert reads:

“We’re filming the thrilling conclusion to one of our new Beck films. For this we need lots of fun people who like to dance and act. We want to have lots of different ethnicities, types and ages. The more character the better.”

Interested parties will be paid 500 SEK, but the film is not quite the party it first appears to be… it involves terrorism.

Producer, Thomas Michaelsson, told Nöjesbladet: “Terror is, unfortunately, a part of our society today, and Beck films have always commented on the present and have taken as their starting point what is happening in society.”