Roland Møller Backs Valhalla Over Jackie Chan

In August, Roland Møller will be reunited with director Fenar Ahmad (Darkland) to begin filming a live action adaptation of Peter Madsen's Valhalla series of comic books, in which he will play Thor. However, he has revealed that a competing job offer from Jackie Chan tested his commitment to the project. Roland Møller explained to Ritzau: "I just had to say no to a Jackie Chan movie with the largest fee that I have ever been offered because I promised to

Vinterberg Begins Filming Kursk Submarine Thriller

Filming has begun on Thomas Vinterberg's (The Commune) new thriller Kursk, written by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan) and based on the novel "A Time to Die: The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy" by Robert Moore. Kursk is inspired by the unforgettable true story of the K-141 KURSK, a Russian flagship nuclear-powered submarine that sank to the bottom of the Barents Sea in August 2000. As 23 sailors fought for survival aboard the disabled sub, their families desperately battled bureaucratic obstacles

Pusher III: I’m The Angel Of Death

OVERVIEW | CAST & CREW 2005 | 108 minutes | Action | Thriller | Crime Director: Nicolas Winding Refn Written by: Nicolas Winding Refn Stars: Zlatko Buric, Marinela Dekic, Slavko Labovic Middle-aged drug lord Milo struggles to prepare for his daughter's 25th birthday party. As Milo fights his own personal demons in the form of a smack addiction, his business day proves equally challenging when a shipment of ecstasy arrives in place of the heroin he was expecting. He decides to sell the pills

Pusher II: With Blood On My Hands

OVERVIEW | CAST & CREW 2004 | 100 minutes | Drama | Action | Thriller Director: Nicolas Winding Refn Written by: Nicolas Winding Refn Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Leif Sylvester, Anne Sørensen Tony is released from prison - again. This time he has his mind set on changing his broken down life and is eager to prove his worth as earner and son to his crime boss father. Thought by many to be a loser, Tony finds himself in a trapped in a situation that forces him


OVERVIEW | CAST & CREW 1996 | 105 minutes | Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller Director: Nicolas Winding Refn Written by: Jens Dahl, Nicolas Winding Refn Stars: Kim Bodnia, Zlatko Buric, Laura Drasbæk Frank is a drug pusher on the roll, until he makes a huge deal with dope that he hasn't payed for, and he gets busted by the police. He manages to dump the dope in a nearby lake, but he owes his supplier a lot of money. What follows is a