Obituary: Minken Fosheim

Norwegian actress and children's author Birte Fosheim Wienskol, better known as Minken Fosheim, died on Thursday night at Lovisenberg Hospital after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 62 years of age. After graduating from the Norwegian National Academy of Theatre, Minken Fosheim had various roles on stage and screen, but is best remembered for presenting the Good Book (God Bok) literature programme on NRK in the 80s and 90s, and for playing Vigdis Reverud in the sitcom Karl &

Obituary: Jon Michelet

Norwegian author and journalist Jon Michelet lost his battle against cancer on Saturday night. He died, surrounded by close family, at 73 years of age. Since his literary debut in 1975 with Den drukner ei som henges skal, Jon Michelet has been one of Norway's most critically acclaimed and best-selling authors. He won the Riverton Prize twice for Best Norwegian Crime Novel: in 1980 with the first Vilhelm Thygesen book, entitled White As Snow (Hvit som snø), and then in 2001 with

Obituary: Barbro “Lill-Babs” Svensson

Swedish singer and actress Lill-Babs, who recently starred in Bonus Family, has passed away after a short illnees at 80 years of age. In early March, she suffered from heart failure, and during her stay in hospital a malignant tumour was found. Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson was born in Järvsö in 1938 and released her first album in 1954. She became known as the Järvsø Judy Garland but was later given the name Lill-Babs by Simon Brehm, who discovered her on the

Obituary: Ann-Charlotte Alverfors

Swedish author Ann-Charlotte Alverfors has died after a long period of illness at 71 years of age. As a housewife and new mother, Ann-Charlotte Alverfors began writing seriously at the age of 16, when she began to feel isolated. To further her development, she went on to study at Värnamo College (1968 - 1969), and then on to Jära College (1972–1974). She became famous with the semi-autobiographical Sparvöga trilogy (1975 - 1977) about Getrud Sparvöga, who lives with her parents and grandparents.

Obituary: Palle Kjærulff-Schmidt

Danish director Palle Kjærulff-Schmidt has passed away after a short illness. He was 86 years old. Having grown up in an artistic family as the son of actors Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt (The Olsen Gang) and Inga Thessen, Palle Kjærulff-Schmidt made his debut as a director at the Nørrebro Theater in 1953 when he was just 22 years of age. Soon he was ready to direct his first feature film, Sin Alley (Bundfald), which won the Bodil Award for Best Film in 1958. But