Spin | Les hommes de l’ombre

OVERVIEW | CAST & CREW | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 | SEASON 3 Starring: Emmanuel Daucé, Charline de Lépine, Dan Franck 2012. Ended Spin is a political thriller that brings us deep in the heart of a tension filled political campaign. Games of power, reason, hate and love: these Spin doctors will go to any lengths to see their candidate win. In series 1, France is in shock: the President s been assassinated. Behind the scenes, politicians are already campaigning for the special

Conspiracy Of Silence In The Swedish Arms Trade

Viaplay has announced Ingen utan skuld (Conspiracy Of Silence), a new eight-part political thriller written by Peter Arrhenius (Welcome to Sweden) about the Swedish arms trade. Jens Hultén (Johan Falk) plays Robert Kastell, a former arms dealer forced into exile who returns to Sweden seeking revenge on the man who tried to kill him. Through this central story, the series will explore layers of complex moral issues from the authorities through to the individual. Writer, Peter Arrhenius says: "Ingen utan skuld is

Finland’s YLE To Produce Chilean Military Coup Thriller

Variety reports that Finnish broadcaster YLE and Santiago de Chile’s Parox are to co-produce six-part political thriller Invisible Heroes, written by Tarja Kylma and Manuela Infante Guell, set during Chile’s 1973 military coup. The story follows Finnish diplomat Tapani who works in secret, not only from the Chilean military junta, but also from the media and the Finnish government, which proclaims a neutral and passive political position. Tapani risks his career and his family’s safety by hiding refugees at home as General

Viaplay To Premiere Hostage Drama Embassy Down

Red Arrow International has announced new eight-part thriller Embassy Down, created and written by Anders Frithiof August (The Legacy, Follow the Money), which will premiere on streaming service Viaplay in 2018. Embassy Down begins with a party to celebrate the opening of the United States’ new embassy in Copenhagen, which soon becomes a warzone as terrorists storm the building and hold its guests hostage. What follows is the complex reality of a fight against a very different kind of modern-day terrorism. The