Teenage Jesus Sets Collision Course For 2019

Filming has begun for Marie Grahtø’s female-led debut feature Teenage Jesus, a continuation of her 2014 graduation film Teenland, made whilst at the Super16 independent film school in Copenhagen. Set on a psychiatric ward, Teenage Jesus follows Viktoria (Lisa Carlehed), a young, determined psychologist who agrees to treat violent and suicidal patient Jenny (Victoria Carmen Sonne). From that moment on their lives are set on a collision course. The two women begin to form a complicated and intimate bond and, through

Pilou Asbæk To Investigate The Hypnosis Murders

Pilou Asbæk (Borgen) will play lead investigator in The Guardian Angel, a psychological thriller directed by Arto Halonen based on Copenhagen's infamous Hypnosis Murders. On March 29th 1951, 28-year-old Palle Hardrup (Cyron Melville) attempted to rob the Nørrebrogade branch of the Farmers Bank in Copenhagen, leaving the cashier and manager dead in his wake. However, his swift arrest and confession was only the beginning of the story, when it was claimed that Hardrup had been hypnotised into committing the crime by his