Chief Inspector Wisting Novels To Be Adapted For TV

The Jørn Lier Horst novels featuring Chief Inspector William Wisting are to be brought to TV by Good Company Films in six feature length episodes. The series will be based on the novels published between 2009 and 2015: Nocturnal Man, Dregs, Closed for Winter, The Hunting Dogs, The Caveman, and Ordeal.

Horst, a former Senior Investigating Officer from the Vestfold district, made his debut in 2004 with the crime novel Key Witness, which was based on a true story and the first of ten William Wisting stories published so far.

The series will be a character driven thriller which focusses on Chief Inspector Wisting’s investigative work with his team, and the relationship with his daughter Line, a crime reporter for VG. Horst has been praised for his detailed and credible portrayal of both the police and of journalism.

Horst told VG: “I shall interfere with the project as little as possible, but I am at their disposal when it comes to the police professional. The character in the series must be authentic… In addition, it is important that the action takes place in the Larvik Stavern area. That place is a character in itself.”

Although the role of Wisting is yet to be cast, it is known that the project will have a budget of around NOK 100 million, and filming is to begin in late 2017.