Christer Pettersson Movie Launches Kickstarter Campaign

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for a film about the notorious criminal Christer Pettersson, who was accused of killing the Swedish Prime Minister. Thorsten Flinck has been confirmed for the lead role.

The murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986 shook Sweden to its core and the investigation yielded 250 metres of shelves filled with leads. In 1988 Christer Pettersson was identified in a police line-up, and subsequently convicted of the crime.

In 1989 Pettersson was freed from prison after the Court of Appeal deemed the witness not to be credible. However, the accusation followed Christer for the rest of his life, making his already complicated life even more complex.

Although Petterson had committed countless crimes and spent nearly twenty years in prison, this film intends to tell his story with an open mind. Who do you become when accused of a terrible crime? And what happens when the whole of society turns against you?

The Kickstarter campaign for this film aims to raise 400,000 SEK by May 6th 2016, and filming is planned for next spring. The rewards for those who pledge include a special ringtone sung by Thorsten Flinck, official T-shirt, draft movie script, and a fine art print by Hop Louie.

Pledges for the film can be made here.