Cilla & Rolf Börjlind: Black Dawn


Olivia Rönning has decided to go back to her job in the police force and has gotten a temporary placement in Höganäs, in Skåne. When the small town Arild is struck by a horrifying murder on a child, Olivia is drawn into the investigation.

A few days later another child is killed. This time in Värmdö, outside Stockholm. Seven year old Aram has had his neck twisted the same way as three year old Emelie in Arild.

The rumor about the brutal murders echoes across the country, and Mette Olsäter at The National Bureau of Investigation gets involved in the case. The suspicions fall on racist groups which have addressed threats to both the children’s parents.

Tom Stilton’s friend Ronny gives him a book which has a large number of newspaper clippings. They are all about an unsolved murder case from 2006: The Jill Case. The one that Stilton was manoeuvred away from and which he has never been able to forget.

When Marianne Boglund at SKL, Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science, gets a hit on the register she looks Mette Olsäter up. The test results lead the investigation onto a strange path.