Cilla & Rolf Börjlind: Sleep Little Willow


Autumn 2015 and Sweden is facing a refugee crisis. At Stockholm Central station the situation is chaotic. Volunteers are trying doing their best to help, including Olivia Rönning. When she is not busy in Mette Olsäter’s investigation team, she devotes her time as a volunteer distributing food at the Central station.

In the steady stream of refugees, an unaccompanied girl arrives. She begins to live on the streets of Stockholm until she receives help from a homeless, off and on drug user, Muriel. Together they seek shelter in a small cottage in the Lissmar woods, but is the forest really safer than the streets of Stockholm?

The former detective – and formerly homeless – Tom Stilton has gone through a crisis after his friend Mette Olsäter questioned his sense of right and wrong. Now he wants to prove her wrong and offers his time and skills to her team, which she can’t refuse.

Mette’s group investigate the murder of a teenage boy and the trail leads to Romania. She sends Tom Stilton and Olivia Rönning to Bucharest to see if they can determine the boy’s identity – a decision which proves to be more dangerous than any of them could imagine.