Claes Bang Joins Agoraphobics Detective Society For Coronavirus

Claes Bang (Dracula) has begun filming a pilot for eight-part mystery The Agoraphobics Detective Society in support of film and TV freelancers impacted by coronavirus.

The series will follow a group of patients who are trying to track down a renowned psychiatrist who has disappeared and, in the true spirit of lockdown, each actor will record their parts from home with remote guidance on technical aspects such as make-up and lighting.

Claes Bang told Ritzau: “Usually you are present in all five senses with the team when shooting movies and TV series so it’s really strange… It’s not going to look amazing because it’s filmed with our phones and from the cameras on our computers, but hopefully that will add to the ambience.”

The pilot episode will be available to stream from the Pinpoint Presents website later this month. Viewers will be asked to donate whatever they can afford, and proceeds will go to the Film and TV Charity in the UK and the Motion Picture & TV Fund in the US.