Cold War Dramedy Finds Whiskey On The Rocks

Variety reports that Dramacorp is developing Whiskey On The Rocks, a Cold War dramedy in the style of Death Of Stalin based on a real life diplomatic incident between Sweden and the Soviet Union.

In 1981, a Soviet U-137 Whiskey class submarine carrying nuclear warheads ran aground on rocks deep inside Swedish territorial waters in the middle of a Swedish naval testing exercise. This breach of sovereignty led to a stand off between the two nations that took 11 days of intense negotiation to resolve.

Dramacorp Chief Content Officer, Patrick Nebout, said: “The infamous U-137 or Whiskey On The Rocks episode was one of the highest-profile and certainly most embarrassing incidents of the entire Cold War. And it was equally embarrassing for everyone, from the Swedish government and military through NATO to the Soviet Union.”

“Our initial thought was to turn Whiskey On The Rocks into a straight political thriller, but the more we dug down into the story – which is not only amazing but often amazingly absurd – the more we realised it was better suited to a dramedy; something closer to The Death of Stalin or Veep than Thirteen Days.”