Conspiracy Of Silence | Ingen utan skuld – Season 1


Robert Kastell returns to Sweden, presumed dead for the last 30 years. He now shares the same objective as former journalist Rolf Höglund – to take down illegal arms dealer Anders Spetz.

Robert shifts focus from his personal vendetta against Anders to exposing the illegal side of the Swedish arms trade. But when Rolf Höglund disappears along with the evidence, things take a different turn.

When Anders finds out that Robert has contacted Johanna, he uses unconventional methods to get her out of town and continues to work on getting ISP to approve his business.

Marianne puts pressure on Robert to solve her problems by murdering Anders. Åsa contacts her ex in the hope that he can help her with the material that she found at her father’s place.

Johanna follows Ardalan’s advice and downloads all of Anders’ accounts from his private computer. She also finds a strange folder containing pictures of her real father, Robert.

Johanna goes to Sandersvik to confront Anders. Maggie’s distrust of Anders forces her to suspend negotiations on the Indonesian deal.

Robert, Åsa and Jens go through the accounts and realise that they contain exactly what they were hoping for. To further safeguard themselves, they share their findings with someone who shares their agenda.

Robert is forced to choose between getting his revenge on Anders or saving Johanna’s future. The political fallout escalates into something more scandalous than anyone could have ever imagined.