Couple Trouble | Hånd i hånd – Season 1


When firefighter Anders and career-minded Lise meet by chance, they begin to develop deep feelings for each other. Even though Anders is recently single and Lise has a hard time opening up to love, their fate is sealed. Seven years later they look back at that meeting in couples therapy.

Even though Lise has always been told that she can’t get pregnant, a miracle happens. Anders is pleased and they both look forward to becoming parents, but their relationship is put to the test.

The wedding was supposed to be the biggest day of their lives, but it goes haywire when Anders is disappointed by Lise’s insistence on a prenuptial agreement, while Lise discovers that Anders has been lying about where he slept on the night of his stag party.

Everyday life is beginning to take its toll so, in an attempt to rekindle their romance, Anders and Lise return to the place where they had their honeymoon. During couples therapy, they discover new things about each other.

Anders and Lise rejoice as their daughter is born. But when Anders’ mother comes to help with the baby, she becomes a thorn in their side. Lise wants to be a perfect mother but struggles with guilt over wanting to return to work.

The Christmas spirit is strained when Lise insists on celebrating it at home with their parents. Anders tries to save Christmas for their daughter Alba, while Lise tries to save her depressed father.

Neither Anders nor Lise thought that they would end up in couples therapy, but then Anders has an affair. This infidelity is the reason why one of Anders’ colleagues dies in a fire, and the tragedy eventually brings the couple back together.

Lise and Anders decide to buy a house. To afford it, some building work is required, so they are forced to live in a trailer which strains their relationship further. Now they must ask themselves if it’s even possible to move away from their issues.