Couple Trouble | Hånd i hånd – Season 2


It’s been a year since Anders and Lise broke up. Now they are once again at a crossroads – should they give love another chance, or remain the perfect divorce parents for daughter Alba.

It’s Alba’s first day of school. But in Lise and Anders’s attempt to reinvent their new lives individually, they forget their true common goal – to be the best divorced parents for their daughter.

Now that the house is going to be sold, it becomes very clear that Lise and Anders have different dreams about the future. As Lise begins dating new men, Anders is struggling to win her back.

While Lise’s new dating life hits rock bottom, Anders talks about his new girlfriend, Marie. The consequences of the divorce are now seriously affecting Lise, and mixed with a midlife crisis it is a dangerous cocktail.

Anders hasn’t told Marie and Lise that they are both invited to the New Year’s party. But when Lise shows up, Marie says that Anders has disappeared, so they embark on something of an adventure together to find him.

Anders tries hard to bring the new family even closer together, so takes them for a day out at the water park. But jealousy between Lise and Marie escalates and threatens to ruin the trip.

The family trip has created distrust between Anders and Marie, and a random meeting between Lise and Anders offers a way for them to rediscover their old feelings for each other while Marie is off travelling.

The last week of therapy is weighing heavy on Lise and Anders, but despite their fear of the consequences, they must now make a choice about their shared future.