Court Overturns Age Limit For Osten’s Demons

Suzanne Osten’s film The Girl, The Mother & The Demons will now be reclassified after a Supreme Administrative Court ruling on Friday deemed the movie to be suitable for 11 year olds.

The Girl, The Mother & The Demons (Flickan Mamman Och Demonerna) is the story of 7 year old Ti and her struggle to find help for both her mentally ill mother and herself.

The Statens Medieråd (National Media Council) originally classified the movie as a 15 certificate, because they believed that it could result in fear, anxiety and confusion in younger children. As a result, only 1200 tickets were sold in its opening weekend.

Suzanne Osten protested this decision at the Administrative Court of Appeal and won, but the National Media Council appealed against that decision and took it to the Supreme Administrative Court, who ruled against them.

Now 11 year olds and younger children accompanied by adults will be able to see the film, as Osten had intended, which is billed as “a thriller for kids and a love story for adults”.