Éric Demarsan


Éric Demarsan (born 2 October 1938), also known as Éric de Marsanis, is a French film score composer.

After working as arranger for composers Michel Magne then François de Roubaix (including on Le Samouraï) he scored L'Armée des ombres (aka Army of Shadows) in 1969 then Le Cercle rouge (aka The red circle) in 1970, both by director Jean-Pierre Melville.

After that, he scored numerous movies for other great directors like Jean-Pierre Mocky, Costa-Gavras or Patrice Leconte.

Éric Demarsan also composed many songs, the Pop Symphony album under pseudonym Jason Havelock, as well as some musics for sound and light shows.

Since 2000 he works frequently with director Guillaume Nicloux and then Hervé Hadmar.

Source: Article "Éric Demarsan" from Wikipedia in english, licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

1998: Compositor - Vidange
1975: Original Music Composer - The Red Ibis
1970: Original Music Composer - Le Cercle Rouge
1985: Original Music Composer - The Specialists
2003: Original Music Composer - Hanging Offense
1969: Original Music Composer - Army of Shadows
1998: Original Music Composer - Vidange
1975: Original Music Composer - Special Section
1976: Original Music Composer - Tomorrow's Children
1997: Music - Georges Bataille - À perte de vue
1982: Music - L'indiscrétion
1975: Music - The Daughter of the Railroad Crossing Guard
1980: Music - 5% de Risque
2000: Music - La candide madame Duff
2016: Original Music Composer - The End
1975: Original Music Composer - A Woman Possessed
1973: Music - La sainte famille
1978: Original Music Composer - Attention, the Kids Are Watching
2020: Music - Melville, le dernier samouraï
1993: Music - La Treizième voiture
1983: Music - Le Bourreau des cœurs

2014: Original Music Composer - Witnesses
2011: Music - Signature
2016: Music - Beyond the Walls
2008: Music - Forgotten Girls