Hans Petter Moland


Hans Petter Moland (born 1955) is a Norwegian film director. Hans Petter was the first born son of Odd Moland and Sigrid Eid Moland, and has a younger brother named Morten Moland. He is a film graduate from Emerson College in the United States. When living in Boston Hans Petter met a college student Elizabeth (Lisa) Pacini whom he married, and later moved back to Norway with. When living in Norway he had three children; Nicolai (1985), Anna Marina (1987) and Max Emil (1989). In 1992 Hans Petter and Elizabeth got divorced. He later married Norwegian film artist Maria Sødahl and had three more children; Sara (1995), Lukas (1998) and Jack (2001). Hans Petter has been awarded prizes for his commercials at all major festivals, including Cannes, before he made his feature debut in 1993 with The Last Lieutenant. He followed up with Zero Kelvin (1995), Aberdeen (2000) and The Beautiful Country (2004), which was selected for Competition in Berlin. He also directed the short film United We Stand, which has been awarded prizes at several major film festivals. He is also well known for his collaboration and deep friendship with Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård, having directed him in three movies; Zero Kelvin, Aberdeen and En ganske snill mann (2010). Regnskap was nominated for the Golden Bear at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival.

2010: Director - A Somewhat Gentle Man
2006: Director - Comrade Pedersen
2000: Director - Aberdeen
2004: Director - The Beautiful Country
1993: Director - The Last Lieutenant
2002: Director - Most People Live in China
1995: Director - Zero Kelvin
2012: Director - When Bubbles Burst
2014: Director - In Order of Disappearance
2016: Director - A Conspiracy of Faith
2003: Director - United We Stand
2019: Director - Cold Pursuit
2019: Director - Out Stealing Horses
Director - The Indian Bride
2014: Executive Producer - In Order of Disappearance
2000: Writer - Aberdeen
1995: Writer - Zero Kelvin
2019: Screenplay - Out Stealing Horses
1993: Adaptation - The Last Lieutenant
2014: Story - In Order of Disappearance


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