Cry Wolf | Ulven kommer – Season 1

14-year-old Holly has written a school essay in which she accuses her stepfather of physical abuse. The social services’ most experienced social worker, Lars Madsen, is handed the case.

With their children forcibly removed, Dea and Simon find themselves alone in the empty house. They decide to hire a lawyer to bring their own case against social services.

Learning that Holly has a lively imagination, Lars begins to doubt her version of events. In an attempt to cheer Theo up, Holly writes to her mother, informing her that Theo will be at football practice.

Feeling homesick on his birthday, Theo runs off from foster care and heads for home. Simon is pleasantly surprised to find Theo back at the family’s house.

A video of Lars fetching Theo goes viral and Lars feels the full weight of public outrage. Simon is emboldened by the online support.

A few days before the case is to be heard by social services, Lars begins to have serious doubts about Holly having suffered domestic abuse.

The time has finally come for the case to be heard by the children and youth committee, which will determine whether Dea and Simon are to be allowed custody of their children.

Holly and Theo return home to a strained family atmosphere. Dea is keen to create a positive vibe and mend the fences, but Simon is feeling paranoid towards Holly, who refuses to take part in the family’s reunion.