Cryptid – Season 1

High school student Nikla’s mental illness is driven to its peak when his classmate’s sudden and violent death coincides with the return of his lost sister.

Niklas returns shaken to school and is accused of Sebastian’s death. Esther tries to deal with the grief while Lisa makes a terrible discovery by the lake.

Ester tries to save her relationship with Niklas, but gets unexpected competition. Niklas feels worse and his mental state is aggravated by a revelation from Tim.

Relationships are born and torn apart in connection with some new unexplained events that take place during the memorial party for Sebastian by the lake.

Ester and Tuva try to understand and deal with the consequences of yesterday’s events. Niklas decides to make a change. Lisa begins to look beyond the paintings, where something evil appears.

Tim and Meral have had enough. Niklas and Esther’s relationship reaches a turning point while Amina and Emil try to support them. At the same time, strange events continue to take place in Odensfors.

Lisa finds new information about her mother’s past at the same time as secrets about Tuva are revealed to Niklas and Ester. Emil digs deeper into Odensfors history in the search for answers.

Nikla’s nightmares come true and Ester is held accountable for her actions. Lisa confronts her brother and seeks Aron for help.

In the face of changing circumstances, Lisa is forced to consider her options. Niklas begins to remember. Esther realizes that time is running out and is shocked when a friend from the past appears.

The inhabitants of Odensfors are faced with a choice that can change everything when suddenly an evil from the underworld shows its true face. Someone has to die.