Dag Earns Place In Top Five Shows Of 2015

The Independent has announced its top five shows of the year, and included Dag amongst its number, saying that it “proved that Norway could successfully create left-field HBO-style comedy.”

When asked by VG to comment on this accolade from a British newspaper, Atle Antonsen said: “Of course it’s really fun to get a nod from a quality paper in an empire that can do TV, drama and entertainment, and where competition is so fierce and diversity so overwhelming.”

“Honours primarily go to the writers who created a universe that is so universal that it works across borders, even though it comes from an insignificant Lilliputian country like ours. This is in many ways unnatural,” concludes Antonsen.

Regarding the future of the show, producer Øystein Karlsen said to VG: “Dag may rest a few years, I think. We’re a little afraid to start getting worse instead of better. And with season four, we felt like we kind of got it the way we wanted, with a team both in front and behind the camera that gave their all.”

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