Daníel Bjarnason Wins Nordic Composers Award

During a gala ceremony at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin Sunday, Icelandic composer Daníel Bjarnason was named as recipient of the 8th HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award for his score to Under The Tree (Undir trénu), directed by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson.

Although Daníel Bjarnason was unable to attend the ceremony, artistic manager Edna Pletchetero accepted the winner’s statuette on his behalf, designed by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson and crafted by Icelandic goldsmith Kjartan Örn Kjartansson.

The award winner was decided by an international jury of peers comprising: Christine Aufderhaar (Bella Block) from Switzerland, Brian Satterwhite (Artois The Goat) from the USA, and Nuno Freire Malo (Amália) from Portugal.

The jury said: “This superb score is a physical assault on the cinematic viewer which is wonderfully uncomfortable to experience. It provides this dark and twisted film with a unique layer of narrative that powerfully captures the broken souls of its characters.”

“All of the nominees this year were outstanding, and it was difficult to single out one from the others; however, the jury agreed this artistry was so unique and visceral that it was our unanimous choice for the 2018 HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award.”