Danish Drama Premiere Highlights 2020

When the Dust Settles | Når støvet har lagt sig
Stars: Jacob Lohmann, Karen-Lise Mynster, Peter Christoffersen
Premieres 2nd February on DR1

Guests at a restaurant in Copenhagen are enjoying a carefree night out when two masked gunmen arrive. Shots are fired and life will never be the same again. During the days before and after the attack, the stories of eight very different characters intertwine, it becomes apparent that they are connected in quite unexpected ways and find themselves questioning the life choices that they have made.

The Sommerdahl Murders | Dan Sommerdahl
Stars: André Babikian, Laura Drasbæk, Diêm Camille G.
Premieres Spring 2020 on TV2 Charlie

Set in a picturesque town on the coastline, each episode revolves around an intriguing, perfidious murder case solved by Dan Sommerdahl and his best friend Detective Superintendent Fleming Torp. But there is trouble ahead: Torp has been secretly in love with Sommerdahl’s wife since their youth, and now she wants a divorce. Based on the novels by Anna Grue.

The Investigation | Efterforskningen
Stars: Søren Malling, Pilou Asbæk, Jakob Buch-Jepsen
Premieres Autumn 2020 on TV2 Danmark

In 2017, journalist Kim Wall boarded the midget submarine of entrepreneur Peter Madsen for an interview. The submarine sank the next day and Madsen was rescued, claiming that Wall had disembarked safely before the accident. However, over the next three months, Wall’s dismembered body parts began to appear around the area. This dramatisation follows the ensuing police investigation.

A Family Matter | En familiesag
Premieres Autumn 2020 on DR1

A 14-year-old girl writes a school assignment that makes serious and disturbing allegations about her grandfather, and the system reacts accordingly. However, both the girl’s parents and her little brother deny everything, so the social worker is faced with a dilemma. The family and the system go to war, fighting for the right to determine the children’s future. But who’s right?

Stars: Lars Mikkelsen, Johannes Lassen, David Sakurai
Premieres on TV2 Zulu during 2020

Stockbroker Adam decides to form Denmark’s largest drug cartel, but standing in his way are the police, the Justice Department, bikers, and immigrant gangs. But his greatest source of conflict comes from his own brother, Jacob, who is a conscientious police officer determined to make a difference as the latest recruit to the Drug Squad.