Dar Salim Stars As Haunted War Veteran In Warrior

Filming has begun for new six-part Danish drama Warrior (Kriger), about communities, loyalty and betrayal among war veterans, bikers and police officers, intertwined with a love story between war veteran CC (Dar Salim) and police officer Louise (Danica Curcic).

In Warrior, directed by Christoffer Boe, we meet war veteran CC who is back home in Denmark after active service in several war zones, and is haunted by his last mission which went horribly wrong when his best friend, Peter, was killed in action.

CC is plagued by guilt and can’t find a place for himself in a society that prefers to forget about the war. To ease his conscience, he helps Peter’s widow, police investigator Louise, who has a particular interest in gang crime and, in particular, rocker king Tom (Lars Ranthe).

Christoffer Boe, who co-wrote the series with Simon Pasternak, says: “TV allows fictional characters to truly unfold, societal themes can be explored and life is dramatised in its many shades of grey.”

“The ambition for Warrior is to give TV a sharp, modern and potent mini-series that doesn’t look back, while it moves away from conversations in the kitchen and the daily world weariness out into the peripheral borders of society, where men and women live and die to defend their ideals.”

Warrior is set to premiere on TV2 Danmark in autumn 2018. Its stellar cast is rounded out by Nicolas Bro, Søren Malling, Natalie Madueño, Jakob Oftebro, and Andrea Vagn Jensen.