Deal Brings Norwegian Drama Strike To An End

Strike action in the Norwegian TV drama industry was brought to an end on Monday after the Norwegian Film Association (NFF) and Virke Producers Association came to an agreement over pay and conditions, meaning that filming and post production can resume with immediate effect.

According to the Central Statistics Bureau, pay in the television industry is 25% below the national average wage. Therefore, the union suggests that those who work in TV should be paid in line with those who work on feature films, and are often the very same people.

The strike has impacted several high profile dramas since it began on 1st September, and in some cases the disruption will necessitate additional funding. Productions affected include Home Ground, Wisting, and Twin.

Virke Chairman, Trond Teisberg, told NTB: “We are very pleased to have come to an agreement with NFF. We will implement a minimum wage system that provides predictable and sustainable pay rises for both large and small drama productions.”