Delete Me Returns For Season Two

Viaplay has announced a second season of Norwegian drama Delete Me, written and directed by Marie Kristiansen, which will cast an unsettling light on the pressures and adverse influences faced by today’s young people on social media.

Sanna (Sofia Tjelta Sydness) is no longer the coolest kid in school. After being humiliated by her boyfriend, and with her plans to move to New York on ice due to the coronavirus, she is working as a waitress in Oslo while dreaming of an influencer career on YouTube. Desperate for fame, Sanna follows advice from her favourite influencer and takes the fateful decision to sell intimate pictures of herself online.

Marie Kristiansen said: “Succeeding on social media is more important than ever, and our need for constant affirmation and belonging has almost become an addiction for an entire generation. New platforms are constantly on the way, playing on that need. We also see that many dream of creating a career on social media.”

“Season two explores the sensitive period in which young people are entering adulthood – a time when many of them feel enormous pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations from parents and the society around them. We follow a young couple who in their search for recognition and fame on social media become criminals.”

Viaplay Chief Content Officer, Filippa Wallestam, added: “As adults, we think we know the importance of social media for many young people today – but perhaps we don’t fully understand how overwhelming its demands can be. The themes of Delete Me have never been more relevant, and adding a new season of this compelling and visually innovative show to our fast-growing YA slate is about more than collecting likes.”

Delete Me season two is currently being filmed and slated to premiere next summer on Viaplay across the Nordic region.