Deliver Us | Fred til lands – Season 1


A group of citizens in a small town has one thing in common: the local psychopath, Mike, is terrorising them and destroying their lives. When a boy dies after being run over by Mike, the boy’s father, Peter, becomes obsessed by the thought of revenge. John’s son Kasper has an unhealthy friendship with Mike, Bibi’s husband, Tom, is being blackmailed by him and others feel severely threatened. At a town party four people meet up and realise that they have a mutual problem…

The local psychopath, Mike, continues his terrors in the small town. As he spreads vicious rumours about Tom, Bibi takes action. Martin meets his teen love, Anna, and he gets another reason to stay in town. Milad refuses to become a part of the murder group, so Peter must resort to drastic measures to convince him.

Anna and John’s problems at home are growing, and Anna withdraws more and more from their marriage. Milad questions the group’s ability to actually commit a murder, so Peter comes up with a plan to test if they are ready to take another human’s life.

The group gets a golden opportunity to kill Mike. John fights for his and Anna’s marriage, while Kasper moves further and further away from them. Bibi tries to seduce Tom. Martin prepares to run away with Anna, but a surprise turns everyone’s plans upside down…

A shattered group tries to return to a normal life, but they all struggle with powerlessness and abstinences. Anna tells Kasper the truth. Martin prepares to leave town and Peter starts to break down – everything seems to be falling apart when a massive secret is revealed…

The tension in the group escalates when Martin’s affair with Anna is revealed, but Martin and John are forced to work together to carry out Peter’s plan. Anna tries to save the relationship to her son Kasper, but he rejects her. Milad’s son discovers a big secret about his father. The first part of the group’s plan is executed – from this point there is no way back.

It’s Midsummer, and it’s time to carry out the murder on Mike. But when Milad’s son runs away to investigate the truth about his father’s past, it threatens to ruin everything. Bibi tells Tom about the pregnancy. Martin’s involvement in the group leads to so many lies that Anna begins to doubt if he has changed. While the whole town celebrates at the Midsummer-fire, the group initiates the plan.

Confusion reigns after the attempted murder on Mike had an unexpected fallout. While everybody tries to figure out what happened, Mike has once again gotten away unpunished. More inflamed with revenge than ever Peter goes after Mike. Alone. Now it’s up to Martin to save his big brother…