Denmark And Sweden Take Home International Emmys

Both Denmark and Sweden took home honours from the 44th International Emmy Awards in a ceremony held at the New York Hilton on Monday.

Danish actress Birgitte Hjort Sorenson (Borgen) presented the International Emmy Directorate Award to Maria Rørbye Rønn, Chief Executive Officer & Director General of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), for its pioneering and success of Nordic Noir which has earned them 22 Emmy nominations since 2002.

Maria Rørbye Rønn said: “I am incredibly proud of the award not just on DR’s behalf, but on Denmark’s behalf. This is an award for all the creative talents in Denmark that have helped create world class Danish drama over the years.”

“The Emmy is a huge recognition of the fact that although Denmark is a small country, we have managed to become big on the international scene by telling stories about our country and Danish people to the entire world.”

Meanwhile, The Great Swedish Adventure (Allt för Sverige), in which American contestants compete in extreme cultural challenges for a chance meet their Swedish relatives, won the Emmy for Best Non-Scripted Entertainment.