Denmark’s Hidden Cost Of Winning The Robert Prize

Small producers and documentary filmmakers face costs of up to 5,000 kr. to submit their films for the prestigious Robert Prize, writes Politiken.

To be nominated for the award, it costs between 1500 and 5000 kr to submit a motion picture for the Robert Prize, while documentaries costs 2500 kr., documentary short films cost 1500 kr., TV series are 7000 kr. and a short TV series is 5000 kr.

Director Christian Braad Thomsen says: “Artistic assessments are not something you should be able to buy – it must be something that your work justifies or does not justify.”

“For me it is not only a symbolic amount. Some producers have enough money, but those of us who do not get support, don’t have a penny. Even if we had the money, I think the principle is strange. This means that it is the rich producers who are able to get a Robert.’

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The Danish Film Academy, which organises the Robert Prize, has lowered fees this year to address concerns, but director Christian Bengtson, says: “It’s hard enough just to afford to make a movie, and even a few thousand can be expensive if you live on a short film budget.”