Dicte – Season 1


1. Personal Injury – Part 1
Newly divorced journalist, Dicte Svendsen, returns to her hometown of Aarhus with her daughter Rose. Working as a crime reporter, she discovers the corpse of a young Bosnian woman, who seems to have bled to death following a c-section.

2. Personal Injury – Part 2
Homicide investigator Wagner tries to keep Dicte out of the case about the Bosnian woman who was found dead, but Dicte has ways and means of her own.

3. Deductible – Part 1
On a dramatic midsummer night, Dicte discovers a torched car in her neighbor’s driveway. Inside the house, she finds the body of a woman who appears to have committed suicide.

4. Deductible – Part 2
Another female corpse has turned up, and Dicte unexpectedly finds herself linked to the murdered women.

5. Hidden Defects – Part 1
The dead body of a newborn baby is found in the harbor and despite warnings from Wagner, Dicte decides to write up the story.

6. Hidden Defects – Part 2
After the kidnapping of Ida-Marie’s newborn boy Dicte and Wagner decide to cooperate for a change. Dicte’s ex-husband, Torsten, moves to Aarhus.

7. Life and Body – Part 1
Dicte follows a tip about illegal organ trafficking related to the murder of a young man. She later finds herself face to face with someone from her past.

8. Life and Body – Part 2
Dicte and Wagner find themselves on the trail of the same man. And Dicte finds herself in a personal dilemma. Bo and Dicte become closer than ever before.

9. Violence and Power – Part 1
After Dicte finishes an interview with prominent politician, Francesca Olsen, a bomb explodes nearby. The explosion kills a young woman, but Dicte is convinced that the actual target was Francesca.

10. Violence and Power – Part 2
Dicte fights to prove the innocence of her biological son, Peter, but she soon discovers more about him than she had bargained for.