Dicte – Season 2


1. Dreams and Diamonds – Part 1
After years with no contact to her parents, Dicte’s father approaches her from out of the blue. Meanwhile, a young black woman is found murdered at a nearby hotel.

2. Dreams and Diamonds – Part 2
Dicte and Wagner are lead into the world of prostitution and a mysterious woman helps them apprehend the killer. Dicte and Bo meet Rose’s new boyfriend.

3. Passion and Bonds – Part 1
The local wellness queen is found dead in what looks like a sex-game gone wrong. Dicte deals with Rose wanting to leave home and accidentally comes between Torsten and Anne.

4. Passion and Bonds – Part 2
Dicte and Wagner realize they have apprehended the wrong perpetrator and the hunt for the killer continues. Things get more serious between Bo and Dicte, and Wagner is oblivious to an office romance happening right in front of him.

5. Presence and Absence – Part 1
The little sister of Rose’s friend disappears at a party. Dicte fights for Wagner to take the matter seriously. Dicte visits her father in the hospital.

6. Presence and Absence – Part 2
Wagner and Dicte continue the search for the missing girl and start chasing a suspect using the social media to groom young girls. Bo moves in with Dicte.

7. Objectives and Means – Part 1
After the death of a football player Dicte finds herself digging into the world of hooliganism and contract players. Torsten and Anne have broken up and Rose gets to know her grandmother.

8. Objectives and Means – Part 2
Wagner and Dicte have found evidence of match fixing, but it also looks like Rose’s boyfriend might be involved. Rose and Dicte fight over Rose’s contact with her grandmother.

9. Right and Duty – Part 1
Wagner’s affair with a beautiful black woman has serious consequences when she is found dead, and the investigator is suspended.

10. Right and Duty – Part 2
Dicte and Wagner break all rules in order to solve the murder of Grace and clear Wagner’s name. Dicte tries to make peace with Rose and perhaps also her mother.