Dicte – Season 3


1. After The Wedding – Part 1
Dicte has given up her job, married Bo and decided to write a book. The day after their wedding Bo goes to a photo shoot in Lebanon, which takes quite a turn for the worst. Dicte receives an unexpected and very unpleasant call.

2. After The Wedding – Part 2
Bo’s body is shipped back to Denmark, and Dicte must identify him. But something of a surprise is in store for Dicte, and hostage negotiations continue. Wagner comes with an unexpected helping hand that gives her new hope. But Dicte still needs money, so she is compelled to contact her wealthy biological father.

3. In Wagner’s Footsteps – Part 1
Dicte is contacted by a little girl who says that Wagner has promised to help her find her missing mother. Everything indicates that the mother has run away, but Wagner’s information suggests otherwise. On the home front, things have changed between Dicte and Bo as a result of the incident in Lebanon.

4. In Wagner’s Footsteps – Part 2
The police force head to the lake where Dicte found the body of Tina Mølgaard. Everything points to Tina’s bloke being the perpetrator, and Dicte now has a murder story on her hands so wants her old job at the newspaper back. Dicte seeks out the priest in Tina’s village and finds jealousy and paedophilia to be involved the case. Meanwhile, Bo is visited by Johan’s wife who wants answers as to what happened on the night Johan died.

5. When The Mind Is Ill – Part 1
Rose has a new job as a guard on the psychiatric wing, but at the first door she finds a young schizophrenic girl. Dicte hears about the incident, and a message from the medical officer soon gives her a suspected murder case. But how does she investigate it without Wagner’s help? Nina is finally back in homicide, but thick-skinned detective Tonni doesn’t make things easy for her.

6. When The Mind Is Ill – Part 2
Shortly after the incident with the schizophrenic girl there is an identical killing of a brain damaged girl from the children’s ward. Nina and Dicte look for a link between the two girls and only discover that neither was likely to improve – but why should they be murdered? And who is the killer? Dicte tries to understand Bo’s behaviour since he returned from Lebanon and is ready to forgive him. Rose must make a profound choice, but in the end it is made for her.

7. Silence Depends Upon The Price – Part 1
Anne, Torsten and Rose take Dicte to Tivoli Friheden to cheer her up. She is disillusioned and unhappy, and then suddenly there are flashing blue lights and police everywhere. But why does Dicte find a weeping robber in the Tivoli Friheden powder room? At the newspaper Steffen struggles to restore cooperation between Dicte and Bo. The idea of becoming a mother is a lot for Rose to take in, and now she must confront the father of the child – but who is he?

8. Silence Depends Upon The Price – Part 2
The police choose to believe Søren Ramsdahl’s story and agree to hand over the money to the kingpin so they can apprehend him as he collects it. But something goes wrong and perhaps a criminal mastermind is not so easy to fool? Dicte has a suspicion that the robbery at Tivoli Friheden must be connected to someone with massive gambling debts. so she goes undercover as a compulsive gambler and visits a gambling den, where she is exposed to something she would never have dared predict.

9. Every Man Is An Island – Part 1
Dicte has found out that she had a sister, May, who died in a traffic accident. Steffen, however, has more information which makes Dicte curious, and she ends up investigating a case of stalking. But is it all just make believe? Tönni’s harassment of Nina has become more intense and personal, and their disputes escalate. Anne is still working flat out and forgets everything and everyone around her, so Torsten feels forced to give her an ultimatum.

10. Every Man Is An Island – Part 2
Dicte feels compelled to help her sister May and decides to get involved in the case. But May’s stalker turns up again and Dicte is forced to seek help from the police, but with no evidence. Dicte feels that she has to take matters into her own hands. Nina is on sick leave and can no longer see her way out of the bottle – but perhaps some stern words from Dicte will be enough to get her back on track?